What is the best baby monitor for Singapore parents?

best baby monitor Singapore

There are many baby monitors to pick from, but which baby monitor will help you stress less and sleep more.

The best baby monitors will give the parent peace of mind and allow the child to get an undisturbed sleep.

Sneaking in to check on the sleeping little one has always come with the risk of waking them up. Which is why baby monitors are the sensible way to keep an eye on your baby.


Choosing the best baby monitors

Tasked with choosing just one monitor we would dismiss the more traditional baby monitors, like two-way audio baby monitors or video monitors and pick a more tec solution.

We think the Liip wearable smart monitor is the safest way to monitor your baby without going into baby’s room and due to its high tec solution it is the baby monitor Singapore parents will love.

« This new tech gives parents the ability to monitor their child’s heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels. »

The baby monitor is in a comfortable wearable bracelet that sends all the information to your mobile phone, you can set up alerts and even easily share all this data with a medical professional.

The European medical team that have created this wearable baby monitor have designed it to help reassure parents as they felt that and audio or visual monitor offered insufficiently comfort for new parents. 

We feel it provides the perfect level of caution, it allows you to enjoy your time away from the baby while know they are happy and content.


An expert opinion

We asked our baby expert Jess for her thoughts on this innovative baby monitor.

« When it comes to the Liip Baby Monitor, I think it’s important to note that this wearable does much more than just breakdown basic vitals – it gives a comprehensive real-time display of your baby’s pulse, blood oxygen and distal temperature with the same accuracy you’d expect of hospital equipment.

The fact the Liip Baby Monitor is the only wearable to offer these three readings, as well as advice on how to proceed, is a true innovation in childcare – especially for parents bringing home premature babies. It takes the burden away from new mums who often feel torn between being over-cautious and not cautious enough. The fact that real-time data can be directed not just to parent’s apps, but also to their paediatrician – as well as storing data history – makes potential health concerns easy to spot and address.

It’s for all these reasons The Liip Baby Monitor complies with the stringent RoHS and Reach regulations for use in babies and children. This is no fad accessory, it’s an invisible guardian angel for both babies and parents – and one that’s sure to become just as essential to childcare as a smoke alarm is to house security. I honestly believe this is the future of modern care for babies and children. »

Find out more about the Liip Smart Baby Monitor and why we think it is the baby monitor Singapore families should choose.

Do you need a baby monitor?

Even for parents who co-sleep or live in a small space a baby monitor is the perfect tool help keep an eye on your baby while you get on with other things like, resting, sleeping, chores or having some quality time with your partner.

With a monitor, you don’t have to hang around the nursery waiting for noise or sign of discomfort from your little and you don’t have to risk waking the baby when curiosity gets the better of you. Any baby monitor you choose should give you peace of mind.

Which is the best baby monitor to choose?

There are four types of baby monitors in Singapore that you can purchase. The one to choose is the one that makes you feel safest about leaving your baby unattended while they sleep in their room.

Baby Audio Monitor – This allows the parent to just listen to the baby via a two-way radio.

Baby Video Monitor – This device shows an audio and visual feed on a small video monitor.

Baby Matt Monitor – You place the matt under babies sheet and it monitors heart rate and room temperature.

Baby Wearable Smart Monitor – A device like this is worn like a bracelet and monitors heart rate, distal temperature and blood oxygen levels.

Pros and cons of baby monitors

When buying a baby monitor you need to consider many things, such as the layout of your house, how thick your walls are, wifi strength and what you want it to monitor the baby for?

To help we have come up with the pros and cons of each baby monitor:

Baby Audio Monitor

These are the oldest design of baby monitor. These baby monitors plug into the wall or run on batteries and are placed in the two rooms you are using and act as a short distance two-way audio open radio channel.

The pros are they are the cheapest option and don’t rely on a wifi connection.

The cons are that the range isn’t very big so if you live in a large house the connectivity may be compromised, similarly if you have thick walls. Battery life is always an issue in modern-day life so pick one with a long battery life. The other downside is you spend a lot of the time trying to interpret minor snuffles and coughs so it can be quite disturbing if our trying to rest. And if your baby really wants you that cry will be heard without an audio monitor. 


Baby Video Monitor

The video is currently one of the most popular baby monitors in Singapore. Up until now, these were the cutting edgy of baby surveillance tech making up a part of the IOT. They either work on sort wave frequency or through online connectivity broadcasting from a camera to video baby and microphone located in the baby’s room to a receiver where you are.

Pros with this style of baby monitors are that you get to see your cute baby sleeping without entering the room and that you can check in if you are away from home.

The cons of a video one are the screens are sometimes poor quality when what you want is something crystal clear. You will need a night light in the baby’s room unless you upgrade to a night vision video monitor. Like an audio one you are looking for clues to indicate the wellbeing of your baby but this time you have a video feed to try to interpret. Then there is the wifi, so if you live in a slow area or a high use house you may end up with a slow feed. We had one of these baby monitors and we would always end up nipping into the room to see if the wifi was keeping up or if baby was just sleeping incredibly still.

Baby Matt Monitor

In theory, a great solution to the problem of monitoring baby. A matt the baby sleeps on that detects heart rate which is sent to a receiver that is combined with an audio monitor.

There are few pros here and the reality is that the matt doesn’t deliver.

The cons are that babies wriggle a lot so are constantly slipping off the matt and giving false readings, setting off alarms and not providing the reassurance and peace of mind the parents want.

Baby Wearable Smart Monitor

Now that the wearable monitors are here they are set to be the best baby monitors in Singapore. They deliver everything you need for complete reassurance when you leave your baby to sleep.

Pros, the wearable monitor is unintrusive and provides you with reliable and reassuring data that is crystal clear and needs no interpretation. The best wearable monitor provides you with information on heart rate, distal temperature and oxygen levels. You can set reliable alerts that are delivered to your smartphone so you don’t have to do the monitoring. The date can also be used by medical professionals to monitor babies who are unwell or need support.

There are few cons with this style of baby monitor, the biggest is you don’t get to see you cute babies face, but you could go old school and carry a photo around in your bag!

Baby Audio Monitor
Baby Video Monitor
Baby Matt Monitor
Baby Wearable Smart Monitor
best baby monitors in Singapore
We think the best baby monitors in Singapore to buy right now is a wearable smart monitor take a look at the ones we have in stock.

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