3 tips to help you on your parenting journey

We all love sharing our experiences, the knowledge we have gained and the mistakes we have made during our in own pregnancies and the years we have spent trying to be the best parents possible.  

The truth is there’s no scientific formula for being a good parent. Every family is different, and every family raises their young differently.

It is helpful to hear the knowledge of others, even if you choose not to use it. Sometimes, you might want to do the complete opposite!

Based on our own experience of raising our daughter, we have put together Bébé Bǎobèi’s top three tips to help with a newborn. We know you will do your best, whatever advice you follow.

Give Them Room to Wriggle

For the first few months of life, babies’ muscles are very soft. Giving them a secure space to learn how to move their head, arms and legs helps them get used to their new body. 

The safe space will assist them in developing the all-important muscle tone that enables them to reach their developmental goals. 

Haven’t got a box big enough? Once you’ve tidied away all the goodies inside, our boxes give little ones just the right amount of space.

Relax. Be Patient.

Every baby is unique and reaches their developmental goals at their own pace. So, don’t be tempted to compare yours to others. They’ll have plenty of opportunity for competition when they’re older!

Stimulate All Their Senses

Giving babies things to listen to, look at, chew and touch will gently stimulate their brain. Sound is one of the first senses to develop, hence the innate desire for parents to sing to their children. And that natural instinct to cuddle doesn’t just feel good – it helps your baby to develop. 

We found that baby massage is so positive for everyone involved. Which is why in each of our boxes (Prenatal, Infant, Weaning and Cruising) you’ll find the perfect things to exercise your baby’s mind and senses.

Babies can’t explain what they need – wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could – but hopefully our community can be the next best thing.

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