Jess’s best pregnancy videos for pregnant mums

5 helpful pregnancy videos

Jess is the Bébé Bǎobèi resident pregnancy and anti-natal expert. Her role is to reach out to pregnant mums in Singapore with advice to help them through pregnancy and the first year of having a baby.

Over the last weeks, Jess has been handing out some top pregnancy tips. As well as some truth full advice on what it is like to be pregnant. Jess can mainly be found giving our guidance for pregnancy and babies on our Facebook page or hiding on our Instagram stories.

While you wait for her to post her next one here are some of her best videos about pregnancy.

Feeling Tired During Pregnancy

As you move through the stages of pregnancy you will have a lot of different feelings. One big feeling you will have is tiredness.

The levels of tiredness will vary through your the trimesters of pregnancy and the best is advise we can give is rest as much as you need to.

Swollen arms and legs when pregnant

If you find your wrists, hands, ankles or feet are swollen during pregnancy, Jess has a few simple exercises to reduce the swelling.

Breathing during pregnancy

You will discover that as your baby develops during pregnancy you will have moments where you feel short of breath.

This breathlessness is caused by many factors and happens to most pregnant people.

What should I avoid eating when pregnant?

There is often conflicting advice on what to eat and drink when you are pregnant.

To stop the confusion Jess has made a definitive list which could be bad news if you love cheese.

All you need to know about leaking boobs during pregnancy

Before your baby pops out your breast will swell as they prepare to feed your new child.

During this time they may start to leak, it may be embarrassing but it is normal and there are some simple solutions to keep the milk under control.

If you have a message or a question for Jess you can email her at

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